Straight Drop Awnings in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Are you interested in getting outdoor straight drop awnings for your home or business? At Q Blinds, we are the experts in patio and deck straight drop awnings in Brisbane and Gold Coast. We can install these highly functional and attractive window coverings on both homes and commercial buildings.

Outdoor Straight Drop Awnings of All Sizes

Straight drop awnings, also known as straight drop verandah blinds, are available in several different operating systems depending on the size and area where they are being installed. They can be gear driven, spring loaded or operated with a traditional cord and pulley assembly.

Straight drop awnings have no side tracking so they will not conflict with any post mouldings or fretwork. These window coverings are a popular choice because of their sleek style and discrete mechanisms. They are an extremely versatile product suitable for patios, decks, verandahs and balconies. Great for offering protection in those areas that need it the most.

Patio Straight Drop Awnings

Patio or deck straight drop awnings provide privacy and sun protection, adding a stylish and contemporary outdoor finish to your outdoor living space. The sleek design and wide choice of colours and fabrics makes straight drop awnings particularly suited for modern style patios and decks, allowing you complete control over sun and light in during the day, and offering privacy when you want it.

Patio straight drop awnings feature side channels that are designed with indents, so the awning can easily be pulled down and locked into position. This is ideal for enclosing a deck or between posts on a patio to shade and shelter the outdoor living area. You can eliminate light gaps and provide complete UV coverage.

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