Residential Polycarbonate Awnings in QLD

Twinwall Polycarbonate awnings provide a modern and incredibly versatile awning solution that is light, extremely durable and aesthetically neutral. This energy-efficient solution protects homes and businesses from UV rays and other harsh weather. Polycarbonate awnings are available in various shades of light block so you so can keep heat out while letting the light in, depending on your home’s unique outdoor awning requirements.

Polycarbonate awnings give you a choice between clear, translucent and tinted panels. This gives you a greater level of control over how much natural light is allowed into the house.

Advantages of Polycarbonate Awnings

Polycarbonate awnings are unique because they allow homes to control the amount of natural light entering the home while also keeping out the summer heat. Here are some of the advantages of polycarbonate outdoor blinds.

Cost Effective and Durable

Outdoor awnings made with this material are up to 200 times tougher than glass, making them a durable, weatherproof option like no other. They come with the added benefit of being much cheaper than glass.

Flexible and Versatile Designs

The design of polycarbonate awnings allows for an unprecedented level of flexibility when choosing shapes. At Q Blinds, we have the perfect fit for all our customer’s needs, no matter how unconventional. With a broad range of colours, shapes and thickness available, outdoor awnings are not only built to last, but to also complement the aesthetic of your home.

Comprehensive UV Protection

High quality awnings provide excellent sun protection with UV protection of up to 99.9%.

Lightweight Material

Polycarbonate weighs a third of acrylic and just about a sixth of glass, making it an amazingly lightweight material. When it comes to transport and storage, it is impossible to find an awning option which is so incredibly light without compromising on material strength.

Polycarbonate Awning Supplier in Queensland

With a wide variety of modern, understated options available, and a toughness that is difficult to match, polycarbonate awnings are by far the best option for all-weather protection. Provide shade to windows, entrances and patios without compromising on natural light with Q Blinds’ outdoor awnings. All our products are designed and manufactured in Australia by our highly regarded team of blind and awning specialists. Contact us today to learn how we create custom designed solutions for all your sun protection needs.

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