Blockout Curtains

Most people would like to enjoy a peaceful night of sleep without being disturbed by the sun coming up or being interrupted by streetlights or moonlight. This is why Q Blinds in Southeast Queensland provides you with the highest quality blackout curtains to help you achieve your objective of a good night’s sleep. In addition to blocking light from entering your room, blackout curtains also help insulate your home and thus improve energy efficiency. 


Blackout Curtains Additional Benefits 

Thanks to their thickness, blackout curtains can also help soften outside noise. At Q Blinds, we provide you with a variety of blackout curtains available in a range of colours and sizes. Moreover, you can enjoy more privacy when using blackout curtains compared to other curtain types. Protection against the sun’s rays is an essential feature of blackout curtains, which also helps protect fabrics within the room from fading. 


White Blockout Curtains 

People who don’t want 100% total darkness in their room at night can opt for blockout curtains instead of blackout ones. The essential function of blockout curtains is keeping the room at a comfortable temperature more than blocking out the light. At Q Blinds, we offer the highest quality white blockout curtains to our clients in Southeast Queensland. These curtains are particularly suitable for homes with babies, toddlers and young children, and people who want to save on their electric bills. 


Blackout Curtains for Bedrooms 

Q Blinds offers the perfect choice of blackout curtains for your bedroom. They are elegant, made with the highest quality material, and their stylishness will elevate your space and increase your property’s value. Whatever your bedroom’s style, our team will provide you with blackout or blockout curtains that fit your aesthetic and, most importantly, help you to realise your dreams and enjoy the most relaxing and peaceful night sleep. 


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