Affordable Auto-Lock Arm Awnings in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Automatic locking arm awnings are a great choice for home windows across Brisbane and Gold Coast. QBlinds has an excellent selection of auto-lock awnings to enhance the look and functionality of your family home.

Innovative Awning Designs

Automatic auto-lock arm awnings are a traditional Australian design. These spring roll-up awnings have side guides and stand-out lock arms. This allows the awning to lock in any position on the guide rail as soon as you adjust and move the base rail of the awning. With a smooth spring assembly and anti-corrosive components, auto-lock awnings are an ideal solution for windows or patios installed straight onto the existing posts.

Advantages of Auto Awnings

Why choose QBlinds for new auto awnings? Well, in addition to the easy feel and operation, you also get amazing protection against wild weather and Australia’s notorious UV rays. You can let the light shine into your living space while blocking UV. You have full control over your auto awnings, which help to protect against high winds and damage to windows or siding.

Custom Awnings at Affordable Prices

Many Queensland families choose QBlinds for all their blinds, shutters and awnings. Our quality shade solutions are customised to suit your property and match your design goals. Our auto-lock awnings are no exception, with many colours and styles to choose from. With factory direct awning options, we can give you the best deals on window treatments.

While auto awnings are undoubtedly popular, you can compare them to our extensive selection of awning designs, including fixed fabric, folding arm, and pivot arm styles. Polycarbonate awnings, aluminium louvres, and aluminium window hoods are also available.

Finding New Auto Awnings

Investing in an auto-lock arm awning system can boost the functionality and value of your home. Whether it’s for your gazebo, patio, front porch, or just straight off the side of your home over bedroom windows, our auto awnings get the job done.

Ready to get started on an awning upgrade for your home? Feel free to get in touch with our team using our contact page.

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