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How to Choose a Material for Plantation Shutters, Gold Coast

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A set of open white plantation shutters in a light butter yellow room

One of the best things about investing in plantation shutters is the array of materials and designs to choose from. A trusted factory direct blind and shutter installer can walk you through the different options and customise plantation shutters to best suit your property. If you’re thinking about indoor shutters, here are a few of the best materials to consider for a long-lasting look.

PVC Plantation Shutters

In terms of material choices, PVC is great for minimal maintenance with a smooth and refined look that makes your plantation shutters shine. If you’re looking for a slim shutter design with a clean finish and elegant appeal, then PVC could work perfectly. Also, PVC plantation shutters from Q Blinds offer the same look as timber without common problems like chipping, cracking, splitting and warping.

Keep in mind that PVC is UV resistant too, so if you have rooms that get a lot of sunlight, these shutters can protect furniture and floors from damage. PVC lasts for almost a lifetime so you should get good use out of your investment in new shutters, and the installation process doesn’t take too long either, so you can look forward to a fast yet quality solution for your windows.

Aluminium Indoor Shutters

Another option is aluminium, a durable and lightweight choice for quality indoor shutters. Aluminium is commonly used for contemporary shutters both inside and out, as it offers the same strength as steel without so much weight and can be used to cover a variety of window sizes and designs. If you’re worried about wind and rain outside, or young kids and pets inside, then aluminium shutters may suit your property.

Many custom shutter specialists recommend aluminium because it’s non-corrosive and easy to clean. It’s also highly reflective so you can effectively block the sunlight in scorching summer months and also retain heat once the weather cools down. Whether open or closed, aluminium shutters are an attractive addition to your living space.

Timber Shutters

Then there’s timber, which has a beautiful, natural aesthetic you can’t beat. Although timber plantation shutters won’t last as long as PVC or aluminium due to possible cracking and warping, the appealing aesthetic makes them a popular choice for many homeowners. Not only are timber shutters nice to look at, but you can also paint or stain them any colour for better interior design matching that enhances every room.

In addition to the customisable appearance that fits both traditional and modern homes, timber shutters are low-maintenance and unlikely to fade as much as shades or curtains. If you want to avoid dusty rooms and invest in shutters that are classically beautiful and easy to keep up with, then timber may be the way to go.

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