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Complete Guide to Shutters vs. Blinds Gold Coast

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Life on the Gold Coast is tough to beat with all that glorious sunshine. However, year-round sun means window blinds or shutters are an absolute necessity. Luckily, Q Blinds has all the window blinds you could need and more, with factory direct prices that can’t be beaten.

So, how do you choose from such a wide selection and find the right window treatments? Here’s what you need to know to help you decide between blinds and shutters for your Gold Coast or Brisbane home.

What are Window Shutters?

Shutters are attached to the window frame and offer a stylish, sturdy window treatment. Shutters are long-lasting and low maintenance with a variety of styles such as plantation shutters in timber, aluminium or PVC.

Thanks to their solid stability, shutters are viewed as a long-lasting solution for privacy and shade and were commonly used in historic homes over the last century. Shutters are more permanent than curtains or drapes you can switch out quickly, but many homeowners love the look and feel of this long-term investment.

What are the Pros & Cons of Window Shutters?

There’s a whole lot to love about plantation shutters. Let’s take a look at a few key pros and cons.


  • Timeless look never goes out of style
  • Highly durable and longer lifespan
  • No tangled cords or strings
  • Boosts home resale value
  • Variety of design options
  • Fits all window types


  • More expensive than blinds
  • Always visible, can never hide window shutters
  • May get in the way of furniture or vice versa

What are Window Blinds?

In comparison to window shutters, blinds are attached inside or above the window recess, offering a softer aesthetic that can be easily adjusted to control light and shade. There are many varieties of window blinds such as Venetian, Roman and vertical.

What’s great about blinds is how incredibly versatile they are. There’s no shortage of styles to choose from and plenty of opportunities to customise blinds to best suit your needs, whether you want them in the bedroom, office, or over sliding glass doors.

What are the Pros & Cons of Window Blinds?

Indoor and outdoor blinds have stood the test of time – here are the main pros and cons to consider.


  • Great light and privacy control
  • Functional and energy-efficient
  • Extensive range of indoor and outdoor blinds
  • Blockout blinds work well for families
  • Very affordable compared to other window furnishings
  • Easy to clean and good for those with allergies


  • Outdoor blinds need more maintenance
  • Older styles can feel dated
  • Cords may get tangled

Best Factory Direct Window Shutters & Blinds

As you can see, window shutters and blinds both bring a lot to the table. It all comes down to which style you prefer and what you feel fits best with your home and your daily routine.

Whichever you prefer, Q Blinds can walk you through the process so you find the perfect window treatments for every room.

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