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6 Types of Beautiful Indoor Blinds Brisbane

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Motorized wood blinds in the interior. A houseplant is near black wood blinds. Closeup on the large windows.

Q Blinds specialises in factory direct indoor blinds across southeast Queensland. Let’s take a look at six types of indoor blinds we supply and install so you can find the ideal window treatments for your Brisbane home.

Panel Glides Options

Panel glides look great in living rooms and kitchens, with large panels of smooth, stylish fabric to filter or block out light entirely. Vertical and sliding door panel glides offer ample shade and don’t need chains, making them an appealing addition to your home. Plus, you can choose from blackout, sunscreen, or light-filtering fabrics to achieve your desired look and light levels.

Beautiful Roller Blinds

Another attractive option for shade and privacy is roller blinds, which have a sleek, subtle look that blends in well with the rest of the room. You can get motorised roller blinds or double roller blinds with blockout shades for added protection against harsh UV rays. With a semi-translucent roller blind for soft light filtering and full blackout roller blinds behind, this stylish system makes perfect sense for Australian families.

Elegant Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are beautiful indoor window blinds too with soft, elegant folds and a wide range of colour options. If you’re looking for the ideal combination of modern and classic, then Roman blinds definitely deliver, especially with the low-key coordination that doesn’t distract from the look or feel. There’s such a variety of textures and shades to choose from, so you won’t have any problem matching Roman blinds to the rest of the room.

Sophisticated Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are unmistakably beautiful and renowned for their privacy and sophisticated style. PVC, aluminium, and timber are all used to make high-quality Venetian blinds, which can be customised with colours and blade sizes to create a bespoke blind system for your home. PVC, faux wood, timber, wooden, and white Venetian blinds are just a few of the options to think about.

Vertical Blinds Options

There’s a lot to be said about the beauty of vertical blinds as well, as these low-maintenance blinds can be made with many different shades and styles of fabric. They draw to the side or middle for easy operation over sliding doors and large windows, creating a chic solution for light and privacy control. While you typically see vertical blinds in offices, you can incorporate them in any residential space for reliable shade.

Revolutionary Ziptrak Interior Blinds

Finally, this list of beautiful indoor blinds wouldn’t be complete without Ziptrak Interior blinds, a revolutionary blockout system. These long-lasting window blinds are Australian-made and operate via a track-guided system that moves with the simple touch of a finger, rather than cords, chains or wands. With no flimsy cords and effortless operation, Ziptrak Interior blinds fit nicely in any living space.

Invest in New Indoor Blinds Brisbane

Beauty and functionality go hand in hand with Q Blinds’ stylish range of indoor blinds in Brisbane and Gold Coast. View our entire collection or contact us online today to learn more about custom indoor blinds.

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